Summary: Using GDM-17E10 Monitor on a PC

From: V.Sander (
Date: Thu Feb 08 1996 - 01:18:50 CST

Hi SUN Managers,
I wrote:

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>From Mon Feb 5 23:50:52 1996
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 08:25:16 +0100
From: (V.Sander)
Subject: Using GDM-17E10 Monitor on a PC

Hi SUN Managers,
we are trying to use several 17" Multisync
SUN-Monitors (GDM-17E10) via 13W3 to VGA connector
on a PC.
But there is no result, the monitor relays in Power-Save
mode (i.e. the unit goes into suspend mode).
That means, that either H sync or V sync aren't within
that specified for the monitor.



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The monitor is not really Multisync.
Especially it will not sync at the default VGA rate at power
on. The GDM17E10 will only sync at frequencies near:

        1152 x 900 71.81KHz Horiz / 76.14Hz Vert
        1280 x 1024 81.13KHz Horiz / 76.11Hz Vert

One will need to buy a special PC video card, like one of the
DCSI Corporation.

Thanks to everyone who has responded


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