From: Wolffe, Vaughn (
Date: Thu Feb 15 1996 - 11:52:00 CST

Solution: First check to see if floppy is working by interrupting the boot,
as root or Type "init 0" and typing "test floppy" at the "OK" prompt. If
the error message does not indicate a problem with the drive then enter
"boot -r". This will recreate(-r) the mounted devices tables in /etc/ and
add the devices to /dev/ and /devices directories. Before doing any of
this you may want to run "volcheck -v" to indicate whether the disk is in
or not. You should also run "ps -ef | grep vold" to see if vold is up and
running. If it is not then start it up.

Additional things to check:

volcheck should test your floppy drive...
          example% volcheck -v /dev/diskette
          /dev/diskette has media

Are you running vold. (/etc/init.d/volmgt start)
The files will show up in /floppy/floppy0.
# Devices to use
 use cdrom drive /dev/rdsk/c*s2 cdrom%d
 use floppy drive /dev/rdiskette[0-9] floppy%d

Wabi likes to disable this floppy option..
If you change vold.conf you may have to kill and restart volmgt.
          example% /etc/init.d/volmgt stop
                 % /etc/init.d/volmgt start

    You may have the problem that I had, namely, that the device was bad as
indicated by the "test floppy" response saying " disk drive is either not
present, not connected properly or is defective." One thing to check is on
the inside. See if the connectors for the floppy drive are actually
connected properly and that none of the pins are bent. This happens on
"factory installed" machines also.

There may be some Wabi related patches that have some affect but I did not
have to go through this.

Thanks to: Joey Singh, Rachel Planskis, Tom Davis, Rob C. Jackard,
                        Sean McInemey, Dan Penrod

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