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Date: Thu Feb 15 1996 - 17:17:34 CST


Thanks to Simon Morse (, I was able to solve one
persistent, sticky problem.

Now if someone could answer the second one (about innwatch)..... ;)

My initial post and Simon's response follow.

Thanks a LOT Simon,


I realize that this is not a Sun related question, but I was hoping someone
could help. We are running INN on a Sparc 5 with SunOS4.1.3_U. I get the
following message _every day_. A ps ax shows that innd is up. (Nothing in the

To: news
Subject: Output from "cron" command
Your "cron" job
produced the following output:
Can't reserve server

Another, possibly unrelated problem: when I set DOINNWATCH=true in in
the $INN/etc directory, and ran it, I got the following message:

# $INN/bin/innwatch:
$INN/etc/ Permission denied

$INN is abbreviation for the directory where inn's files reside.

I started up as root.

Thanks for your help,
From: (Simon Morse)

we also had a similar problem with our server being reserved after I killed off
an expire - every time that I tried to run "expire" or "newsdaily", (which does
an expire as part of the processing) it gave the "can't reserve server" message.

Basically whenever the server does an expire, it "reserves" the server so that
no-one else can pause or throttle it - so when I killed off the expire it didn't
release the reserve without giving the same reason as the reserve. To get around
this you can run the following command which will cancel the reserve:

ctlinnd reserve ''

I found all this out on the INN FAQ at the following URL:

It contains heaps of helpful information on troubleshooting and setting up INN
news. You also might want to consider looking at the moderated news group
news.admin.technical for helpful hints.

Simon. (
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