Summary: Which GID-range

From: V.Sander (
Date: Thu Feb 15 1996 - 05:54:17 CST

Hi Sun-Managers,
I wrote

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Hi SUN Managers,
we have problems with old fashioned GIDs of our users. The problem is,
that we started with low GIDs in the range 10-100.

Today Solaris uses GID 14, for sysadmin, Digital UNIX uses GID 20
for operator and so on.
We plan to get our old fashioned GIDs in a correct range. This is an enormous
effort, because we need to perform a chgrp -R on every system.

Is there any standard for GIDs, which are reserved for system-accounts?


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Many thanks for the replies! Most stated, that all GID < 100
are reserved for the system. Because many software-products
uses GIDs between 100 and 999, one should only use
GIDs in the range of 1000-64K.


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