SUMMARY: Ergonomic keyboards for Sun workstations

From: Tom Schmidt (
Date: Wed Feb 14 1996 - 16:31:51 CST

Summary of ergonomic keyboard options for Sun workstations:

1) SunExpress PC keyboard adapter with Ergonomic PC keyboard of your choice
    (Sun P/N X465A for $75, Microsoft Natural keyboard for about $90)

2) Kinesis keyboard with Sun adapter ($500 keyboard plus $150 adapter)
    available from
    or Kinesis Corp.(206-402-8100)

3) See for some options

All of the above solutions use a PC keyboard layout, not a Sun Type-5 UNIX
layout, although you can remap the keys if you want to.

Thank you for the responses below.

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My original post:
> Sun Managers,
> Does anyone know of any ergonomic keyboards for Sun's? I've
> seen third party trackballs offered by SunExpress and other places, but
> have not seen any ergonomic keyboards. If anyone knows where to get
> any Type-5 compatible ergonomic keyboards, let me know and I will summarize.
> Thanks...Tom

Replies received:
>From Guntram Wolski <>

I'm about to purchase a Kinesis keyboard. Seems to be a nice general
keyboard. Default mode is for PCs with a $150 adapter will work on
HPs or Sun. Keyboard itself is $500. The unique thing about it is
that the ENTER, CTRL, and ALT keys are all controlled by the thumbs in
the middle of the keyboard where it is split. I can provide you the
email address of the guy who I'm buying it from if you want ( just
don't have it handy here). Let me know.

Good luck,

Guntram Wolski                        
Silicon Engineering, Inc.             
269 Mt. Hermon Road, Suite 207                  (408) 438-5331 x 112
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

----------------- >From (Jeff Wasilko)

SunExpress sells an adaptor to allow you to use PC keyboards and mice on Suns.

List price is $75 (less than the keyboard :-), and the Sun part number is X465A.

Jeff -- Jeff Wasilko, Systems Rep., Information International Inc. +1 617 937 9400 (, "I'll be youah race-cah drivah..." -- Jewel "Pahrk youah race-cah in Havahad Yahd?" -- Anja [smoe]

----------------- >From Stephen Schaefer - Network Computing Solutions <>

You might take a look at

- Stephen

----------------- >From David Fetrow <>

-Dave Fetrow

----------------- >From vutpakdi@cassie.Sugar-land.Wireline.SLB.COM (Ron Vutpakdi)


Greetings. Bob Reardon told me that you were interested in Sun Ergonomic keyboards. I have a keyboard from Kinesis which I like very much. It's a split keyboard with a layout very similar to the standard qwerty keyboard except the two halves are split. The keyboard is very programmable (in hardware on the keyboard itself), so keys can be mapped around and macros can be programmed into the keyboard itself. The keyboard itself is designed for a IBM PC (and works out of the box on a PC), but they sell an adaptor box for use with a Sun or Mac. The company that I ordered my keyboard from is on the net:

If you have any questions, please drop me a line.


----------------- >From sun managers <>

Yes we do

----------------- >From khb@gammara.Eng.Sun.COM (Keith Bierman fpgoup)

kinesis has a keyboard and conversion box. The box allows virtually any pc keyboard to work with a sun.

I've used it with their keyboard, the ms keyboard and the lexmark (and a couple of no-names). It works pretty well.

Kinesis Corp.(206-402-8100)

----------------- >From "Lynne Pickett"

AliMed, 297 High Street, Dedham, MA 02026, 1-800-225-2610

This company puts out an Ergononmics and occupational health magazine. Ask for Issue 1, 1995. There is a Sun ergonomic keyboard for Sun. I will also list the name below incase you can't get ahold of the magazine/catalog. They have a full line of ergonomic products for computers.

Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard - PS/Sun Interface 149.00 #R70337



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