SUMMARY: SPARCstorage Array - connecting over distance > 2km

Date: Thu Feb 15 1996 - 09:53:36 CST

     According to a sun engineer you can't (1) use a monomode cable between
     a host and the array and you can't (2) enlarge the distance over 2 km.
     (1) The time the signal runs (especially between ENQ/ACKN) lasts much
     to long with the optical converter you need between nonomode and
     multimode cables.
     (2) For multimode connections the limit is 2 km of distance.
     Fortunately we have been reported that the accurate distance between
     the buildings is 1.88 km.
     My original question was:
     we purchased a Sparc Storage array 102 with 2 FC-Interfaces. Now we
     would like to install this SSA102 in a remote building
     and connect it with a monomode fibre optical cable to a server here
     (about 4 kilometers).
     According to the references of SUN the maximum distance between host
     and array
     is 2 kilometers with gradient fibre optical cable.
     Does anyone have experience in connecting a Sparc Storage Array to a
     over a distance larger than 2 kilometers? Thanks for the help
     Bernhard Fank
     Thanks for replies to:

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