SUMMARY: Question about UPS (Do you use one?)

Date: Wed Feb 14 1996 - 11:01:42 CST

Sun Managers:

Recently, I sent the following to the list:

> I support a SPARC20 and was wondering whether or not it should be
> connected to a UPS. If the machine should be wired to a UPS, what
> brand do you use and what software is used for power management?
> Thanks in advance for your response,

I received several replies to my question. Some respondents said to
put all Unix boxes on a UPS and others suggested putting only mission
critical boxes on them. It also depends on whether the box is acting
as a network device (NFS) or if it is a single user machine. Some
people said that they do not put a single user host on a UPS.

When buying a UPS, the important thing to look for is to make sure
that it will be able to handle the load placed on it in the event of
a power outage. One respondent said to "Add 50% to the actual
wattage you want to use, assuming all other things (such as how long
you want battery power to last) are equal." Another respondent said
that there is a review on UPS's in November '95 issue of BYTE
magazine. He also said not to buy directly from manufactures, as you
can get more than 50% off from their price.

Below is a list of recommended UPS's. Each has power management
software available.

     APC (American Power Conversion)
     132 Fairgrounds Road
     West Kingston, RI 02892

     Best Power Technology inc.
     P.O. Box 280
     Necedah, Wisconsin 54646



     Powercom America ONH-1000

One person suggested checking the archive for my answer as the
question had been asked before. From the FAQ:

     The site "" archives every summary sent to
     the list. Questions are not archived. This site provides
     access to its archives via the WAIS and gopher protocols.
     It does NOT provide any anonymous FTP access. You can access
     the archives over the World Wide Web by referencing the URL

Two other people wrote that the question I posed had indeed been asked
recently. Each sent me a copy of the recent SUMMARY. The SUMMARY said
that the key thing to look for in a UPS is the battery longevity (3
years approx.) and they should be user replaceable. I apologize for
duplicating information that had already been asked and will try to
avoid doing so in the future.

Thanks to all who responded to my post and to those who respond after
my summary goes out. Thanks again to:

Mark Anderson
Daniel Blander
David H. Brierley
Christopher chris@Advent.COM
Marc LeMaire
Wis Macomson
Lyle E. Miller
Tom Mornini
Normand Ranger rangern@CIRANO.UMontreal.CA
Salvatore Saieva
Mike (Mehran) Salehi
Bert Shure
Willi Triantafyllou
Keith Willenson

Howard Boyd

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