SUMMARY: remove banner-page and ghost-print

From: James Tarng (
Date: Tue Feb 13 1996 - 15:18:01 CST

There are two summaries in this posting:

SUMMARY-1: -- To remove HP4MPlus banner page in Solaris-2.4 --
 1. cd /etc/lp/interfaces
 2. vi <$PRINTER-NAME>
    change the nobanner="no" to "yes"

SUMMARY-2: -- To remove ghost print in Solaris-2.4 --
--- ??? symptoms ??? ---
 myhost% lpq
 HP4MPlus is ready and printing
 Rank Owner Job Files Total Size
 active staff 193 193-1 7074 bytes

 myhost% cancel HP4MPlus-193
 UX:cancel: WARNING: Request "HP4MPlus-193" is done.
             TO FIX: It is too late to do anything with it.

 myhost% lpc
 lpc> clean HP4MPlus
         busy HP4MPlus-193 failed
 lpc> quit
--- correction ---
 1. cd /var/spool/lp/tmp/<$THE-HOST-WHO-DID-IT>
 2. rm -rf *
 3. cd /var/spool/lp/requests/<$THE-HOST-WHO-DID-IT>
 4. rm -rf *
 5. lpshut
 6. /usr/lib/lpsched

Special thank to the following nice people who patiently respond and provide
me the answers. Thank Brian Desmond who pointed out that there is a similar
posting in Sun Managers Summaries Archieves (NOT in the FAQ, which we
receive twice a month, but in the

--- Thanks -- :) (Mark S. Anderson)
"MR.OMAR" <> (David Procter)
parks@xdiv.LANL.GOV (Parks Fields)
Stephen P Richardson <>
David Fan <david@magma.COM> (John Baldwin)
David Fan <david@magma.COM> (Wolfgang P. Voelker) (John Malick)
<> (Rob Allan) (Michael Johnson)

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