SUMMARY: Blocking Access to certain IPs/Domains

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Date: Tue Feb 13 1996 - 18:01:55 CST

Hi all...

My original question was a longer version of this:

How do I stop telnet access to without stopping
telnet access to when the same machine plays the
role of different IPs.

The quickest, easiest, cheapest and most powerful solution to this was to
install TCP Wrappers 7.2. This allowed me to stop access to one domain
(IP) without limiting access to the other, when both were running from
the same machine. It is also has a very useful logging facility. If
you haven't already done so, you should take a look at this very useful
package by Wietse Venema.

TCP Wrappers and other priceless security tools can be found at CIAC
(Computer Incident Advisory Capability) US Department of Energy:

There is also another alternative that may be more suitable for you. It
is Firewall software. Firewall-1 is commercial and ranges from $5000 to
$18000. It may be more powerful and extensive but I did not look into it
fully because TCP Wrappers was suitable for me.

Firewall-1 can be found at:

Thanks to the following people for there input on this subject:

Daniel Blander
Mark Kern
Rick Pluta
Kent R Arnott


- George R. Saunders

Orion Systems Group Long Island, New York

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