SUMMARY: 4/6xx MP CPU Upgrade

From: David Blackman (
Date: Tue Feb 13 1996 - 18:25:30 CST

On 2/7/95, I posted:

> We would like to upgrade the SuperSPARC SM51 modules in our 4/6xx
> database servers with a higher speed SuperSPARC module. Are there
> any reliability problems when replacing them with 60 MHz modules?
> Any new patches required?

The consensus was that this is safe to do in a uniprocessor
system running SunOS 4.1.3. The 60 MHz part has been running
OK since the weekend.

Some people suggested the ROSS HyperSPARC as an upgrade.
We've found that that the SuperSPARCs do better at database
than the 90 MHz ROSS. But we haven't tried the higher
speed/bigger cache ROSS parts.

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Cedo Vicente cedo@ENDEAVOUR.EXAR.COM

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