SUMMARY: NIS problem

From: Michael Blandford (mikey@azalea.LANL.GOV)
Date: Tue Feb 13 1996 - 11:07:25 CST

Here was the original question:

| I have serveral machines running NIS. I want to be able to
| prevent certain users from logging into particular machines. For
| example, everyone in the no-login group should be prevented from
| logging into the servers. I read the man page for passwd and
| it implies I could do this with the -@group option but I cant seem to
| make it work. It still always allows those users on. Could someone
| mail me an example of their password entry and netgroup entry that works.

Solutions: Sorta works

It is easy to make this work under solaris. You just use the compatability
mode in nsswith.conf and add the -@netgroup in the password file. It
works as advertised in the man page.

Under SunOS and HPUX, I have not gotten it to work. SunOS lets you login
without any problem. Under HPUX, you can login but whoami returns
intruder. However, it doesnt stop you from working on that machine.

Many thanks to everyone who replied

Stephen Potter <>
Zhiyi Huang <>
Tim Carlson <> Hi Tim!
"Lefteris Ch. Skapetis" <> (John Baldwin) (Linda Crampton)
stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - Distinguished Systems Engineer)
"James J. Waldram" <waldram@cat.Uwyo.EDU> (Sam Howard)


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