SUMMARY: flexlm/Solaris problem

From: Darrell Flores (
Date: Mon Feb 12 1996 - 09:50:16 CST

Sun Managers,

        I solved this problem on Friady afternoon (02/09/96). As
        an attempt to cover all bases, I included the third Flexlm
        license server in the client's /etc/hosts file and BINGO!!!

        I received three replies regarding my post, which are
        appended below. Thank you very much for your responses.

Phil Poole
Julie Dickinson
Ashish Parikh

        All three included the solution to the problem.

Regards, darrell

From: Phil Poole[]
Sent: Friday, February 09, 1996 6:24 PM
To: Flores, Darrell R
Subject: Re: flexlm/Solaris problem


        what is your LM_LICENSE_FILE set too ?

        echo $LM_LICENSE_FILE or check for it in your .login or .cshrc

        If that does not work or appears correct then, did you list
        the individual license servers in the /etc/hosts file ?

        I found that to aid my early problems with SUN licensed products.

        Does that machine have permission to run the compiler ?
        is your license network or node locked ?

        Node locked licenses will only run on the machines they are
        licensed for.
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 20:33:40 +0800
From: (Julie Dickinson)
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Subject: Re: flexlm/Solaris problem
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The FLEXlm documentation reports that this error indicates that the
gethostbyname call failed for the SERVER named in the license file.

I know that FLEXlm, in and of itself, doesn't use NIS/NIS+, so NIS's
absence is not affecting your system.

When I hear about these types of FLEXlm problems, it usually means that
there's nothing wrong with the FLEXlm and license installation or
configuration. Instead, some overall network file, not specifically
tied to FLEXlm at all, is usually slightly misconfigured.

Make sure you're doing your telnet and ping tests both as an average
user as well as root. Can you rlogin to the license server from the
client machine?

If you're not familiar with the gethostbyname call (there is a man page
on it), find a TCP/IP guru near you and ask them what system files are
related to it.

My apologies for not being able to point directly to the source of your problem and sta
te the solution, but I focus on FLEXlm - I am not a TCP/IP guru!

julie dickinson
SunSoft Developer Products
Support Services
From: Ashish Parikh[SMTP:ashish@Savantage.Com]
Sent: Saturday, February 10, 1996 3:34 PM
To: Flores, Darrell R
Subject: Re: flexlm/Solaris problem

You may need to add the server name to your yp database? See the man page on
gethostbyname to see how the function works.



Original POST:

Darrell Flores writes:
| From drflores Thu Feb 8 16:20:32 1996
| From: drflores (Darrell Flores)
| Message-Id: <>
| Subject: flexlm/Solaris problem
| To:
| Date: Thu, 8 Feb 96 16:20:32 CST
| Cc: (Darrell Flores)
| Reply-To:
| X-Mailer: ELM [version (2.3 PL11)]
| Sun Managers,
| I have a user running Solaris 2.3 on a Sparc2:
| Hostname: landover
| Release: 5.3
| Kernel architecture: sun4m
| Application architecture: sparc
| Hardware provider: Sun_Microsystems
| Domain:
| Kernel version: SunOS 5.3 Generic September 1993
| Attemts to get a license during C compiles fail.
| The Sparc2 (landover) can ping and telnet to both
| Sun Sparc2 License servers.
| The compile error is as follows:
| landover > cc test.c
| License Error : Cannot find the license server (jjsun)
| in the network database for product(SPARCompiler C)
| cc: acomp failed for test.c
| The Sparc2 (landover) is NOT running NIS!
| Flexlm on the license servers is v2.61.
| What network database do I need to update???
| Any suggestions will be appreciated.
| Regards, darrell


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