SUMMARY: Win95 to UNIX Connectivity software

From: Eileen Schatz (
Date: Mon Feb 12 1996 - 15:47:09 CST

Dear Sun Managers,

Sorry it took me so long to write this summary. I received 24
responses to my query on the best way to network Windows 95 and UNIX.
14 out of 24 responses mentioned SAMBA, other people are having some
luck with PC-NFS Pro 2.0.

SAMBA is free and according to the README file is:

- a SMB server, to provide LanManager style file and print services to

- a Netbios (rfc1001/1002) nameserver

- a ftp-like SMB client so you can access PC resources (disks and
printers) from unix

- a tar extension to the client for backing up PCs

The ftp site is:

The Web site is:

I downloaded the the software but have not installed it yet. It sounds
like exactly what I'm looking for, you can run netBIOs and TPC/IP to
get the right mix of application use and file sharing.

The major drawback is that it is free and therefore there is no tech
support, so for someone like me who is still fairly new to systems
administration it will be a challenge to get it working.

Thanks to all who responded:

Jason Wood <>
Richard Butler <>
Shaun Penton <>
Jian Liu <> (Greg Kranz)
Gautam Das <>
Kandi Kirk <>
Valerio Di Giampietro <>
Eric Shafto <> (David L. Markowitz)
"Bert N. Shure" <> (Jing Zhang)
David Fetrow <> (Martin Huber)
Dave Miner - SunSoft Engineering <dave.miner@suneast.East.Sun.COM>
"Richard.Hellier" <>
Thomas Looney <> (Gail Mignard)
Michael Baumann <>
Lisa Paulson <lisa@[]> (Oliver Landsmann)
"Shakeel Rao" <> (Sigurdur I Bjornsson)

Eileen Schatz, System Administrator
Kestnbaum & Co. Chicago, IL


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