SUMMARY: Cisco 1003 to SunISDN 1.0.2 problem.

From: Ivan Brawley (
Date: Mon Feb 12 1996 - 17:27:03 CST

Quick blerb of the problem:

Cisco 1003 one end, Sun IPC running
solaris 2.4 with SunISDN and software version 1.0.2, two ends connect
(according to isdn layers and the cisco), but the sun end doesn't mark
the interface up.

Thanks to:

Koen Peeters <>
Pell Emanuelsson <>
Bert N. Shure <>
 and indirectly, Thanks to
 Chris Almond <>

It was suggested that I try up'ing the interface before dialing.

I did, finally, get one other suggestion from SunService, and that was
to install _all_ the packages from the installation cd. Just In Case.

Well, I did a fresh install of Solaris 2.5 and installed everything.

Installed SunISDN and the old config files.

We eventually got the link going.

The was a slight problem with the adding of the initial route as
well. But it does work.


Ivan Brawley AWADI, MIS.


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