SUMMARY: Automated PCFS Manager

From: Dave Cain (
Date: Wed Feb 07 1996 - 15:16:27 CST

In my original post I wrote:
> I have a SunOS 4.1.4 system on which I would like to
> automate mounting and unmounting of a pcfs from the floppy drive
> for user's without root access. I would like the users to:
> 1. Put disk in drive.
> 2. Type a command that would mount the drive, but not give them
> access to mount anything else.
> 3. Copy their files over.
> 4. Type in a command that would unmount the drive, but not give them
> access to unmount anything else.
> 5. Eject the disk.

Essentially I was given three types of advice:
1. Use a public domain s'ware called Mtools with many DOS-ish like commands.
2. Write your own C program and setuid to root. Thanks to those who
   provide the C code.
3. Write a Bourne, Perl, etc. script that would do the same. Again thanks
   to those who attached the code.

Since I don't have a serious security need. I opted for #3 and wrote a
quick and dirty Bourne shell script.

Thanks to all.

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