Re[2]: SUMMARY: vi with no shell

From: Marina Daniels (
Date: Wed Feb 07 1996 - 18:06:14 CST

     I'm posting this because I have had a number of replies to my summary,
     along similar lines as the one below.
They won't have any shell so they can't remove the .exrc file.
They will go straight into a program, one of the menu options will be to send a
mail message using 'elm': this is created using 'vi' but we will stop them
getting through to a shell with the .exrc file, and after they finish using the
program they will be logged straight out of the system.


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B ut users can still remove the `.exrc' file since they presumably have
(and need to have) write permissions in their home directory. I think
your best bet is getting source to vi (or clone) and hacking it to
prevent shell escapes.


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