SUMMARY: Help! SS5 on the fritz after board upgrade

From: David L. Oppenheimer (davido@CS.Princeton.EDU)
Date: Wed Feb 07 1996 - 08:59:09 CST

This problem has now been solved, thanks to some advice from a system
administrator on campus here who was kind enough to respond late at night to
my question!

My original question was:

>Tonight I did a board swap of an SS5 from the 85 MHz chip board to the 110
>chip board. I reconnected everything and when I powered up I discovered that
>the system could not find the internal drive to boot from. Therefore it tried
>to boot off the net (which it couldn't do, and which I didn't want it to do).
>probe-scsi indicates that the system _can_ find all the drives!
>Prior to the board swap, needless to say, the system booted just fine.
>I have three hard drives: the internal sd0 at scsi target 3, an external sd1
>at SCSI target 2, and an external sd2 at SCSI target 6.
>I find that I can do "boot disk3:a" from the > prompt and the system sort of
>runs. But here is the log produced upon booting in this fashion [I am using
>SunOS 4.1.3_U1]


>As you can see, there are all sorts of SCSI errors. I checked the connections
>on the SCSI bus, etc., but couldn't find anything wrong physically.
>Does anyone know what might be causing this? Is it just a bad SCSI connector
>on the board, necessitating my sending the board back to Sun?

It turns out there were two separate problems. And by the way, my reference to
the ">" prompt in the above should have been to the "ok" prompt.

[1] The system was trying to boot off the net not because it couldn't find any
local disks, but because the Sun 110 MHz SS5 board upgrades are apparently
shipped defaulting to boot off the net (this was not the case with the SS5 I
originally purchased, so I wasn't expecting it). Typing "setenv boot-device
disk" at the ok prompt solved the problem, and from then on the system
properly booted off the internal hard drive.

[2] There was a legitimate SCSI problem. Apparently the new board (at least my
instance of it!) is more sensitive SCSI-wise. I replaced one of the SCSI
cables with a shorter one and the system now boots and operates without
complaining about any SCSI errors.

David Oppenheimer

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