SUMMARY: nis+ administration of printers?

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Date: Tue Feb 06 1996 - 13:21:02 CST


I had asked how one centrally administers printing on Solaris, and
more specifically with nis+.

The answer is: You don't.

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------------------- original query -----------------
I am in the process of migrating my customer from SunOS 4.1.3 to
Solaris 2.5. I have just about everything operating very smoothly,
with central administration using nis+. My one area not yet setup is
printing. When I run Solstice/adminsuite's print manager, the menu
from which one selects the source from which to load the database
offers only a greyed out (disabled) nis+ option, a greyed out nis
option (I don't care about that one), and the local option that goes
to file. I really don't want to get into the business of administering
my printers on each individual system, particularly since everything
else is so well centralized. The printers I need to setup are a number
of NeWSprinter 20s running off SunOS systems & Solaris 2.4 systems,
and a SPARCprinter or two. Eventually, I will be attaching one or two
NeWSprinter 20s to my Solaris 2.5 system(s) and one or two Brother
multi-emulation printers.

Any suggestions and advise would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, I should add that I seem to not have setup Solstice/adminsuite
properly for distributed administration... when I install new clients,
the install of Solstice/adminsuite doesn't seem to do much. Also, I
tend to get method errors when performing operations that seem likely
to be trying to manipulate remote systems, reinforcing my suspicions.
Are you using/did you install SSPC with automounter option?
If so, you may have missed below link. Check out the
man page on soladdapp -- it mentions a fil
/opt/SUNWadm/etc/.solstice_registry that i was missing.
If this is your problem,

        Try the following :
        First find the required directory :
                        find / -name SUNWadm -print
        Then link it to /opt/SUNWadm :
                        ln -s /export/home/SUNWadm /opt/SUNWadm
Unfortunately printing is not one of the things that is managed
by NIS or NIS+. You must set up either a central printserver (a sun)
or have one on the network. You can set a global configuration setup
for that printer (only takes a few steps) but because lpsched and all
the other fun lp configuration stuff is system specific, you must do
it system by system (no central NIS+ type management).


The client systems to your server system will all have identical
configurations - but unfortunately there is no mechanism within
NIS+ to populate a table of configuration paramaters. Each Sun
system needs to have its own lpsched system running since all
printing occurs through this functionality - and I don't think
lpsched has any NIS+ hooks (other than hostname and user name

What you end up doing on the clients is entering admintool and
setting a Remote Printer. This will set up lpsched to forward
all printer requests via the selected lp* (BSD or SVR4 - lp or lpsched).

The only methods I know of for getting centrally located print services
is from pcnfs - where you can select a print server machine (a Sun
server with pcnfsd running) and it will show the available printers
on that system. I don't believe such a tool exists for Solaris but
lpstat can be directed to check a specific machine for printers.

Bottom line is that lpsched and the printing utilities on Solaris are
not setup to be a shared database type of system where you can centrally
configure the whole office. You have to config your main print server
and then config your clients to send their requests to remote printers.

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