SUMMARY: Software for adding users

From: Dan Schlitt (
Date: Tue Feb 06 1996 - 13:10:34 CST

I got several useful replies. pointed me to a Tcl/Tk program named
usermaint which can be found at the Tcl/Tk archive site

George McClintock <> responded with
a copy of the summary that I recalled seeing and didn't save. It dates
from 11 Sep 1995 and was the result of a question from Evan Baer
<>. It contains a perl script from Phillip Plane
<>, a perl script from Simon Burr <>,
a pair of perl scripts form (Mike Jipping) and a perl
script from Eric Shafto <>. I probably will
combine features from each of these to create what I need.

Jerry Weber CIC-2 <> sent a shell script that he uses for
adding users.

Thanks to all who sent replies to my question.

I would be happy to send copies of the scripts to anyone who would like them.



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