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Date: Mon Feb 05 1996 - 08:38:25 CST

My original posting:

We have suddenly started having various network problems apparently related
to ftp-ing files from one remote site to another. These sites are connected
by 760 Kilobit lines. An expensive solution would be to upgrade to T1 lines,
but I don't think that is financially feasible right now. My question is this:
Is there a way to specify or limit the amount of data that ftp can send or
receive? I have already checked the man pages and FAQ's and I don't see
any reference to this problem. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
in advance.

So far, I have received 4 answers, and now I think I can pretty much point the
finger at a possible network hardware configuration change. Sean Beeg said we
might have a CSU/DSU misconfiguration, and that is what our network folks are
pursuing right now. The others that replied said that basically there was no
way to limit ftp, however, they did suggest that I try wu-ftpd, or FSP, or
possibly changing the timeout parameter in the kernel configuration files.
I want to thank the following people again for their replys.

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