SUMMARY: Documentation for mkslipuser command

From: Araya Pamonprawat - PHST (
Date: Sun Feb 04 1996 - 20:11:48 CST

Mkslipuser and the other related commands are part of a package called
PC-NFS that some previous administrator had tried to install on my
machine. PC-NFS comes with printed manuals and >= 5 DOS disks. It is not
part of the Solaris distribution. Solaris 2.3 and higher comes with PPP.

I'll hunt through my centre for any PC-NFS documents.
The upgrade to 2.5 is 3,290 baht here. I'm going to buy it today. I've
been on my job 3 months now, and feel confident enough to do an upgrade.

Thanks to those below who replied. I appreciate your info and advice. Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services Anatoly M. Lisovsky Tim Evans Chris Eastman MR.OMAR Perry Hutchison

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