SUMMARY - CD-ROM reader problems

From: Roddy McColl (
Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 10:34:12 CST

> We are beginning to convert from magneto-optical to CD-R archiving at
> out site and we are finding that most PC CD-ROM drives have no
> difficulty reading almost any format, but the Unix boxes (Suns and DEC
> Alphas) only seem capable of reading single session or the first
> directory of multi-session CDs. Can anyone point me to authoritative
> info on supporting multi-session (Mode 2, CD-XA) disks under
> SunOS/Solaris or Digital Unix >=3.0 (drives are stock Sun or DEC).

Thanks to the following for help with CD-ROM reader problems

Gyula Szokoly <szgyula@skysrv.Pha.Jhu.EDU>
"Tim W. Janes" <> (Syed Zaeem Hosain)

>From replies I got (including two "me too") I gathered the following :-

Older CD-ROM drives such as the Sun (Sony) drive (and RD-42/43 ??) do
not support multi-session CD-ROMs, nor does either Solaris or DU at
this time. The only solution currently is to buy a CD-ROM drive which
supports multi-session and software to drive it from a third party. It
seems that Solaris 2.5 and DU 4.0 "may" support multi-session but this
is not known for sure.

Roddy McColl
UT Southwestern

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