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Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 00:21:22 CST


Here's my summary on this problem:

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Rob Vahsen
Brett Lymn

> >>Sometime, we have memory problem with the X terminal and the result
> >>is that they reboot, crashing everything that was running. But the
> >>process that were running, still exist on the a result,
> >>we get a lot of process that are not use anymore (tcsh sessions,
> >>cmdtool, rlogin, etc) and they stay there until I explicitly kill
> >>them.
> >>
> >>What I want to know is: is there a way that those process terminate
> >>themself after a crash of the X terminal, or better yet.. can I

There is a way to - try to - prevent an Sun X-terminal from crashing
when is has to little memory. In the 'Terminal Controls' menu of the
specific X-terminal (or in the appropriate
/tftpboot/XXXXXXXX_CFG/sunxt_config) there is a setting which will
issue a warning when memory is low. It is set to the % of memory which
is allowed to be filled before the warning is given. (In sunxt_config
-> "low_memory_setting 80" is the default; which means when 80% of
total mem of X-terminal (e.g. 16Mb) --> 12,8Mb is filled up a window
will pop up.) Sadly enough if memory is filled up to fast, it still
can hang. ??? A Sun bug ???


I don't know if you have applied them, but there are a few jumbo
patches for the Sun X terminal software - you did not say which
version you are running so it makes it a bit hard to know which exact
patch you should get. There is 102208 for v2.0 and 102383 and 102393
for v2.1 (I think these are the correct numbers for the Solaris 2
versions of these patches... otherwise the numbers are 102207 and
102382 respectively).

I don't know if this will help, since we decide to add up more memory
and the patches were already apply, but anyway maybe some of you will
solve the problem this way....
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