Summary: Bootable Backup

From: Manjeet Rekhi (
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 15:32:00 CST

I am summarizing the results below :

>From Sys Admin point of view, all 3 options will do. However, from a
web-server point, option 3 is the best along with regular backup of data
that keep changing. This was best summarized by Tim Wort(
Netra gives you an option to create a "configuration diskette". In case of
disk failure, boot and restore Netra from the CD, reconfigure using
"configuration diskette" and restore rest of the data from the tape.

1. Make Configuration diskette.(update if config changes)
2. Backup /export directory.
3. Backup home-pages directory.
4. Backup other stuff regularly.

Thanks to (in the order received):

Tim Wort <tim@Access.COM> (Richard C. Mills) (Jeff Wasilko) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
Bill Krauss <>
"Daniel J Blander - Sr. Systems Engineer for ACS" (ray)
"Lyle E. Miller" <>
Kalpesh Dharia <>

>Hello Managers,
>We have an SS20(Netra) working as web-server. It has a 2GB internal and 4GB
>external drive and is running Solaris 2.4 . The OS is on internal disk.
>I want to take bootable backup of the OS disk so that in case of internal
>disk crash, I just take another disk, plug it in the system, restore the
>data and it is up and running.
>1. Can I make a bootable tape of the OS disk from which I can boot AND
>restore the data?
>2. Can I make another bootable disk and keep it aside for crisis ?
>3. Can I make a configuration diskette, boot it from it and restore data
>from the tape ?
>Please send email directly to "". I will summarize.
Manjeet Singh Rekhi

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