(partial)SUMMARY:Help! Can't get DNS entry

From: Systems Administrator (sysadmin@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu)
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 11:51:47 CST

First, an appology!

In my mad rush to get a system up and running I made the mistake of
rushing to the Sun Managers list without first consulting the FAQ! I am

I haven't resolved the problem yet but I am on my way to trying. I am
attempting to install the bind and resolv+ packages so that I can use
DNS without NIS.

I also did not include some important info in my last post. I am
running SunOS 4.1.3 on a Sparc10. I currently moved this machine from a
building that has NIS services to one that is connected only to a
gateway to the internet (granted there is a DNS server to connect to).

I disabled the NIS services mainly by removing the /etc/defaultdomain
file (which worked fine and is the subject of another summary soon to
come). I do not have nor want NIS running on this machine.

>From what I read (in the FAQ and from responses) SunOS 4x and below does
not support DNS without NIS thus I need to install the packages I
mentioned before (I guess this is only a workaround for SunOS 4x and
above). I will finalize the Summary after I have accomplished this

SOLARIS allows DNS without NIS and that info is also contained in the
following replies.

Again, I appologize for wasting the bandwith withouth consulting the FAQ
and also thanks for still being there!

Special thanks to:

hosts: files dns [NOTFOUND=return]


Best Regards
      amy.hollander@amp.com (Amy Hollander)

/etc/resolv.conf format is

simba# cat resolv.conf
domain amp.com

If you are running Solaris 2.x -
        Then there is a file /etc/nsswitch.conf which can be
        edited to make your system find hosts via DNS.

If you are running SUNOS 4.1.x -
        Then it is not so easy.
        The default system will not use DNS at all unless nis is active.
        There are ways to modify the system to use DNS without nis.
        I think it is all described in the sun-managers FAQ

      carlosm@eng.eccs.com (Carlos Morillo)

I think that the problem is that your system is set up in such a way
that it goes first to NIS
and then to DNS. There are some linraries involved in the name

What you should do is to reconfigure your system so it won't go through
and instead it will go directly to DNS.

Look at the FAQ.

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      mark@ccifl.com (Mark Sherman)

A silly question, but is DNS configured/installed ?
        if yes
                Look at /etc/nsswitch.conf, on the line that starts with
        <hosts:>, is the entry <dns> included on the this line ? Or is
        an entry similar to nis {notfound=return} on this line -- if yes
        then nis is tried and then the search is given up. If you are
        going to use nis try making the line
                        hosts: files dns

                                        mark sherman
        "Jasti Babu" <jbabu@ford.com>
        Systems Administrator <sysadmin@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu>

modify your /etc/nsswitch.conf to go for DNS for hosts
Jasti Kalyan Babu

      Venkata Ramakrishna R <ramu@cxi.stph.net>


 I also have a same problem. The problem is, the machine is consulting
 only hosts file and not DNS. To my knowledge this all depends up on
 the version of library file libc.sa.1.x

 I have libc.sa.1.9 and it does not support. I think libc.so.1.9.1
 DNS directly instead of consulting hosts/NIS first.

 Hope this helps and do not forget to post the summary.

      Justin Young <justiny@cluster.engr.subr.edu>
      Systems Administrator <sysadmin@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu>

Solaris or SunOS.

If Solaris modify your hosts entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf.

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      Zhiyi Huang <zh@cc.bellcore.com>
      Systems Administrator <sysadmin@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu>

If you are using SunOS4.x, you got to have NIS running before you can


        Judy Z. Huang http://www-ec.njit.edu/~zxh2341
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      Bill Reed <reedwv@stp.xfi.bp.com>
      Systems Administrator <sysadmin@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu>

 Assuming SunOs 4.1.x here, then the resolv routines are not built into
the libraries as shipped. Unless some bright spark has replaced the
Therefore the DNS hostnames cannot be reolved except through YP ( NIS ).
This is documented in the Sun "System and Network Admininstration"

Look at the comment in /var/yp/Makefile :-
# Set the following variable to "-b" to have NIS servers use the domain
# resolver for hosts not in the current domain.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: rauthenberg@HHI.DE (Stefan Rauthenberg) To: sysadmin@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu

don't know what release you are running but if it's Solaris 2.X , you have probably forgotten to change /etc/nsswitch.conf [hosts: files dns].

If you have SunOS 4.1.X, it's much more complicated as it requires a patch of libc.so.*. The FAQS may give you an idea what you are up to.


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------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Chris Eastman <chris@cwi.net> To: Systems Administrator <sysadmin@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu>

If you are using a sun 4.x box, then you have to install a third party resolver (like resolv+), because the stock 4.1.x resolver is broken.


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------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: sedat_doganalp@mail.armada.com.tr To: Systems Administrator <sysadmin@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu>

Hello Sun SysAdmin, Standard Sun Kernel couldn't resolve DNS without NIS. But I heard about somebody did. But I Can't remember.

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>From what I understand of it, SUN's use hosts, NIS, and rely on NIS to resolve the hostname. If NIS is off, it won't resolv the hostname. There is a package called resolv+ (taken from part of the named package) that will let you configure how to look names up correctly, including bypassing nis entirely. It is at ftp:ftp.ece.uc.edu/pub/sun-faq/SOURCE, I believe.

Hope this helps.....

------ Jeff Fisher Gazette MIS jeff@kcrg.com Cedar Rapids, IA, US

------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Claus Assmann <ca@informatik.uni-kiel.de> To: sysadmin@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu

> Any ideas?

Yes. This is the most frequently asked question... >From the FAQ:

[FAQ info Deleted] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Daniel.Blander@ACSacs.com To: sysadmin@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu

If this is under 4.1.x, did you uncomment out the -b option in your Makefile under /var/yp? This is necessary for NIS to use (failover as it were) to DNS. Read the file and uncomment the -b option, redo your make in /var/yp, and it should work. "nslookup" relies purely upon named and DNS so NIS is not involved (why it works), however ping uses /etc/hosts and NIS.

If this is 2.x, check that the /etc/nsswitch.conf file has the entry for hosts as such:

hosts: nis dns [NOTFOUND=return] files

Again, the rollover from NIS to DNS to files needs to be specified.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: "Scott L. Sherrill" <slsherri@mtu.edu> To: Systems Administrator <sysadmin@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu>

My guess would be that you are running Solaris 2.X, and that you didn't update your /etc/nsswitch.conf file. You need to specify in there to use dns too.

So take a look at your hosts line it should look something like this (after you make modifications).

hosts: dns files

Good luck.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: dflax@mvision.com (Daniel M Flax) Reply-To: dflax@mvision.com To: sysadmin@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu

check your /etc/nsswitch.conf file, and look for the dns/nis/nisplus entries.

good luck.


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------------------------------------------------------------------------ and anyone else who responds before seeing this.


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