SUMMARY: SUNMGRS: (4.1.3_U1 sun -> parallel-port -> HP650) problems

From: Barry Leibson (
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 10:56:17 CST

Sorry -- I was slow to get the summary out....

I wrote on 1/8/96:


We've noticed some communication problems with this set-up (an HP650
plotter hooked up to a sun running 4.1.3_U1 via the parallel port).

For example, when the plotter runs out of paper and is fitted with a
new roll, lpd flushes the whole print queue. Users hate that sort of

There is another batch of problems where the plotter and lpd manage to
confuse each other when someone hits the cancel button on the plotter
or issues an lprm. We power-cycle that plotter a lot more that we
should have to.

I just wondered whether any of you have had similar experiences with
this particular setup and/or had any ideas on how to improve things.



I received a few responses.

Martin Achilli ( reported that some of the SS20 parallel
ports were bad and require motherboard replacements to fix.

Unfortunately. I've seen this problem on just about every kind of sun
workstation and most recently on a SS5.

The others, Greg Harrision ( and Mark
S. Anderson ( suggested I install the HP650
directly on the network via a JetDirect card. They both reported that
it ran quite well that way.

I may just do that here, but I've got customers who are also having
the problem ...

I guess I'll urge them to look into a JetDirect card, too.

Thanks for your help, gentlemen!



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