SUMMARY - cap60 and SunOs

Date: Thu Feb 01 1996 - 12:41:00 CST

Well, I got a single reply but it sent me in the right direction. Thanks
to Ray Brownrigg <>. The solution to my
problem was to create a "cap owner account" which owns the root directory
for the cap filesystem. This account is locked out from login's, but
being owned by the cap account has allowed users to login with their own
ID's and the system to function correctly.

Original Message --

] After a number of years answering questions (via the news group), I am
] finially in need of some answers myself.
] The issue is running CAP60, Patchlevel 196 on a SS10/412 with
] SunOs 4.1.3_U1. The problem seems to be related to setuid but
] has a lot of symptoms. For example, when logging in as any user
] other than root, files can be created but directories can not
] (or rather the mac says they can't but then they get created
] on the unix side.). Things that the user places on the server
] can not be deleted (complaint is not enough priv). All files and
] directories are created with root ownership (including the trash
] folder which I believe is the root of the delete problem).
] The filesystem for the CAP share is owned by root with rwx for
] owner, group and other so there should be no problem. I think
] the fact that everything is being created as root even when
] logged in as a user is why there are permission problems but
] can not seem to convince CAP to create as the use. No setuid
] bits are on anywhere (directories or programs).
] I'm pretty sure that this configuraton should work for cap and
] am looking for anyone running cap who can give some config hints
] to help solve this set of problems.
] Andy R.

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