SUMMARY: NewsPrint 2.5 rev B problem

From: Alan Chan (
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 13:24:48 CST

Hi Managers:

        My original question:

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        My client is running Solaris 2.4 on a sparc 1+. The sparc 1+ is
running NewsPrint 2.5 Rev. B on a SparcPrinter. We have all the recommended
NewsPrint patches installed and yet the printer still hangs every now
and then (patch 102113 is supposed to fix that). When that happens, I have
to do a lpshut and kill the NewsPrint server and restart lpsched. Does
anyone have the same problem? Did I miss any patches and is there a fix
for this? Here is the list of NewsPrint related patches installed.


        Second question is, is anyone running NewsPrint on Solaris 2.5 and
how stable is it. If it runs fine on Solaris 2.5, what patches are

        Thanks in advance and I'll summarize.

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        I only got two replies to my question:



I have the same problems (so much so I finally just gave up and launched a
shell script twice a day the does both commands) I loaded solaris 2.5 on a
SS1000 this week, installed newsprint and 1 hour later had to do the lpshut.
So it didn't seem to solve anything.

From: Justin Young <>

Alan, this is a common problem. I forget the bug ID, however as of last
weekend there was no fix. I heard SUN is working on the problem, though.


        Also about the same time Karl Kopper <> also
posted a question on basically the same problem (see below). So the
problem seemed to be a common one and is not fixed even with
all the recommeneded patches installed.

        My sincere thanks to Yvonne and Justin.

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>From Wed Jan 24 14:46:50 1996
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 14:17:57 -0800
From: Karl Kopper <>
Subject: Moving from SunOS to Solaris "broke" our printer.
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For years we successfully used a Sun SparcPrinter connected to
a Sun workstation running the NeWSprint package. But since
converting this machine from SunOS to Solaris (2.4) we've had
nothing but problems (some SunOS clients still use this printer).

At least once a day the printer hangs and the /var/lp/logs/lpsched
log file shows something like:

01/22 08:54:20: printer fault. type: write root, status: c
msg: (Error: Message: process(0x376ce4, 'Unnamed process', runnable)
 Error: /undefined Command: oldshow Ostack: save[1] marker 0 () Estack:
   at: '.array_exec_cont' {/undefined *'standarderroraction'}
 at: '.array_exec_cont' {*oldshow} at: '.array_exec_cont' {*show Linespace
 'add' 'dup' 0 'exch' 'moveto'} at: '.psparse_token' file(?,W,R)
ptr0x00096228 at: '.packedarray_exec_cont' {... packedarray{5} 'if'
'end' currexecfile 'cvx' *'exec'} at: '.stopped_cont'
 at: '.packedarray_exec_cont' {packedarray{23} *'stopped' packedarray{5}
'if'} at: '.end_exec' Dstack: dictionary[81/200] package(NeWSprint)
   dictionary[366/366] save[1] marker 0 () ]%%)
We've installed the recommended patches:
102211-03 SPARCprinter Jumbo Patch
102113-03 Newsprint 2.4B Queue Fix
101959-06 Solaris 2.4 LP Jumbo Patch
101945-32 Solaris 2.4 Kernel Jumbo Patch


Patch: 103309-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWssadv.2 1.0,REV=1.4,PATCH=1
Patch: 101656-07 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWsteNP.3 2.5,PATCH=5

We seem to be able to fiddle around with lpshut and lpsched and
remove /etc/lp/printers files and restart and stop and start
again and get it working, but as you can image this is
not pleasing anyone.

Repeating the same print job after the hang does not reproduce the

Any advice on what we might do to fix this? Is anyone successfully using
NeWSprint with a Sparcprinter on Solaris 2.4 ? (Buying a Postscript printer
just because we upgraded the OS is not a likely solution).

I'll post a summary if the answer is out there....

Thanks in advance for your help.


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