SUMMARY: Adding a 2nd addr_bank to a server

From: Erin O'Neill (
Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 20:21:44 CST

Sorry this has taken awhile, I've been configuring a Xylogics Annex
for the first time!!

I received a few replies from:

And one from a Sun Rep. There were 2 me toos, one person gave me a few
pointers about changing broadcast from 0 to 1 & one person told me
I had to use vif. & my Sun Rep said that sun didn't support it but there
was a url that talked all about it at:

Thanks for the help!

> I've been gone for awhile & I'm back. Since I've gotten back I managed
> to convince the powers that be to replace our failing ALM boards with
> a Xylogics Annex 4000. But while I'm waiting for that to arrive I have
> a little problem. (I've searched the archives, O'reilly books, etc)
> I have a 670MP running SunOS 4.1.3_u, that's directly connected to the Net.
> We have computers connected via 10BaseT wiring, serial wires & modems. A
> couple of those machines are Suns, most are either PCs or MACs. We would
> like to set up a NetBlazer but it MUST have subnetting. So we got another
> C address bank (we were running out of IP numbers anyway).
> NOW I need to add this other class C address bank to my server. I want to
> subnet that 2nd address bank. I would also like to change our broadcast
> from to
> First: Adding a 2nd address to the same ethernet.
> In the archives it sez I need to make this change for Solaris 2.X:
> ifconfig le0
> ifconfig le0:1
> ifconfig le0:2
> BUT I HAVE 4.1.3_u !!!!
> Would I make this change in the /etc/rc.local file:
> ifconfig le0 192.207.85 + broadcast
> ifconfig le0:1 205.226.154 + broadcast
> Then would I change /etc/netmaks to look like this??
> # network netmask
> 192.207.85
> 205.226.154 #sbunets into 8
> then add to /etc/hosts
> broadcast
> ?) can I just add the other class of IP info in /etc/hosts??
> AND is there any line I HAVE TO HAVE that tells the system that my
> server is managing this class of IP #s also??
> ?) What about the DNS files??
> How do I tell dns that my server manages this new bank of addr numbers
> too?
> ?) Oh & where do I tell ifconfig that the netmask translates into
> ffffffe0 ??? or does it do the figuring out from my /etc/netmasks file??
> Any advise???
> thanks.
> erin
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