PARTIAL SUMMARY: Need a secure 'portmap' daemon - NIS security questions...

From: Joel L. Seber - Sun Workstation Lab Manager (
Date: Wed Jan 31 1996 - 20:46:56 CST

A followup to my earlier posting concerning a secure portmap daemon: Sun
had a patch to address this (100482) for OSes up through 4.1.3. They
applied this patch to 4.1.3_U1 (along with many others) and it solved my
problem. You basically have to create a file called /var/yp/securenets with
one or more lines of the format

netmask netaddr

e.g. 128.311.10.0

The second example allows ypserv to respond only to those addresses within
the subnet 128.311.10 range. You can have as many as you need ( as far as
I know ).

One additional question is raised by this: is it possible to address only
one machine out of a subnet with this procedure? It would help me quite a
bit if it were possible. Any suggestions are welcome!

More when I know more,

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