SUMMARY: Cannot ftp on sparcstation 10

From: Suboh Andy/SSI1 (Suboh_Andy/
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 07:28:06 CST

> My sparc 10 runs on SunOs 4.1.3_U1 in a local area network. Recently, I have
> problem ftp to other machines. Error message is "<machine-name>: unknown
> But I can ftp to them using their ip addresses. I ran nslookup on my sparc
> and type the machine names, they are all there.
> I try ftp from other machines on the network using the machine names, no
> was reflected. For ur info, my local area network runs domain name
> question is 'Which process on my sparc10 that I can restart them to solve
> unknown host problem?'
Firstly, I would like to apologize for the delay and thank everyone for their
responses. I hope I didn't forget anyone in the list below.

These are the responses:

1. If your system is not running NIS, then just put the hosts into /etc/hosts
file in the local machine.

2. If your system is running DNS on SunOs 4.x, you have to modify/adding the
libresolv stuff. The Sun Manager's FAQ tells u how to do it.

3. If ur system is only running NIS, then just put the hosts into ur NIS
master's /etc/hosts file and '/var/yp/make' the new file.

The best explanation was given by

>SunOS use an unfortunate (or depends on your point of view)
>combination of NIS (aka Yellow Pages) and DNS to look up machine addresses.
>nslookup uses DNS directly while ftp uses NIS (or the /etc/hosts tables if
>NIS isn't available).

>The simplist solution, if you are willing to run NIS, is to configure
>NIS to use DNS if it can't find an address in its own tables.

>Another possible problem is, if you are running any shell but /bin/sh or
>/bin/csh, ftp will not allow you to log in unless the path to that shell
>is in /etc/shells.

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