SUMMARY: Motif development on Solaris 2.5 (delayed)

From: Marc Gibian (
Date: Mon Jan 29 1996 - 12:03:48 CST

A while back I asked the enclosed questions regarding Motif on Solaris
2.5. After a long delay due to project priority changes, I have
completed enough work to be able to use the replies I recieved and
thus provide a summary.

We have had no problems building our application using the Motif
bundled with Solaris 2.5/CDE.

I continue to have problems with emacs when built with the Motif
toolkit. Upon examination of the emacs 19.30 PROBLEMS and MACHINES
files, I suspect this is because everything defaults to building with
dynamic/shared libraries and there are problems listed with using
toolkits and dynamic/shared libraries. I made an attempt to build
using static linking, but that failed and I ran out of time.

If anyone has built emacs 19.30 (or any recent version) with the Motif
toolkit on Solaris 2.5, could you please pass along HOW you did it?
How do you force emacs to build using static linking on Solaris 2.5?

Thanks everyone,

Marc S. Gibian
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Subject: Re: Motif development on Solaris 2.5
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>I am trying to select an appropriate toolset for my customer in their
>transition from a SunOS product to Solaris 2.5. I have been looking at
>compilers, debuggers, various other tools, as well as the graphical
>environmnet in which the application will run. The application is a
>Motif application with significant graphics currently implemented via
>XGL, though they wish to move to Sun PHIGS.
>My primary question is about the Solaris 2.5 CDE/Motif/X11 development
>environment. I have been using a number of GNU packages as test
>programs due to their portability. Emacs 19.29 has turned up two
>things that concern me. First, I can not get an ANSI compile of it
>using the SPARCworks c compiler. It keeps blowing out with a prototype
>mispatch on an early file (I forget which, and can't retry as I have a
>performance test underway right now). While I am concerned about this
>one, it certainly is not insurmountable. The second problem is that
>when compiled with the CodeCenter clcc compiler, with the Motif
>toolkit selected, I get a successful compile and link, but execution
>fails. Looking at it with a debugger shows things failing on an early
>call, I believe a window creation function. I have no problem if I
>build emacs with no toolkit specified.
>Has anyone successfully built emacs on Solaris 2.5 with the Motif
>Has anyone successfully built emacs on Solaris 2.5 with in ANSI c?

Sun's C compiler should haev no troublke building emacs
*but* don't use strict ANSI mode: that's for uninteresting pure
ANSI programs only. (I.e., you can't use any POSIX or Solaris extensions).

Please specify theprecise error message nex ttime.

Motif core dumps if libXt is linked before Motif.


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use gcc 2.7.0, not sure about the Motif stuff, i used 3d athena
widgets (i hate motif). shold compile and run straight out of the
box. ./configure --with-gcc --prefix="<whatever>", make, make install.
oh and make sure your gcc has run fixincludes.


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Do you need to build emacs with the motif toolkit ? it doesn't buy you much.

XEmacs 19.13 has a motif-like scrollbar as well, so you have even less reason to link with motif.

It's known to be flaky (with GNU Emacs or XEmacs).

The only thing the toolkits (motif / xaw / xlib) provide is the menubars, scrollbars and dialog boxes. They don't differ in actual functionality as far as using Emacs or writing code in it goes.

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I've build emacs 19.29 with x11r6 and the patch for X11 which unbreaks the dired hang in emacs. I've built both x and emacs with gcc 2.7 and sparcworks cc 3.0.1. If you really want I can dig up the makefiles off old tapes. This is 2.5 beta.


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