SUMMARY: Solaris 2.5 login bug??

From: Kohler R. P. (
Date: Mon Jan 29 1996 - 14:41:33 CST

Original posting : see below.

Solution: Evidently, Solaris 2.5 doesn't attach the graphics drivers
prior to 1st login. Thus just after a reboot, the drivers will not be
loaded into memory, which caused our login scripts to break.

We use the command "prtconf" to find all graphics cards on a system, then
start up openwindows with the correct flags containing all the graphics
/dev/cgxxxxx names...

Note the output of "prtconf" just after reboot.

/usr/sbin/prtconf | grep cg
            cgsix, instance #0 (driver not attached)

We try to start 2 heads, thus we were passing "cgsix0 (driver" as valid /dev
entries, which obviously failed on the 2nd device. cgsix0 would get loaded
prior to the system bombing, thus 2nd login attempt would produce the Sol_2.4
and Sol_2.3 results...

/usr/sbin/prtconf | grep cg
            cgsix, instance #0

This would then work fine...

I fixed my code to merely cut everything on the line after "(".

NOW: To get a list of graphics card /dev entries to use:

set FBLIST = `/usr/sbin/prtconf | /usr/bin/grep '\<cg' | /usr/bin/cut -d"(" -f1 | /usr/bin/sed -e 's/, instance #//'| tail -2`

Thanks to for his reponse to login normally,
and trace each step to see what was breaking.

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> I just install Solaris 2.5 on 3 machines via JumpStart,
> and noticed the same quirk on on all three, and was wondering
> if anyone has heard about it or seen the same.
> Solaris_2.5 with the following patches:
> Patch: 102832-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWolrte, SUNWolslb
> Patch: 102841-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWolrte, SUNWolslb
> Patch: 102850-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWolrte, SUNWolinc, SUNWolslb
> Patch: 102835-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWoldst
> Patch: 102837-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWoldst
> Patch: 102839-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWoldst
> Patch: 102846-01 Obsoletes: Packages: SUNWolimt
> When I reboot, all looks ok, but when I log in, it complains about the
> X server... (I automatically launch the person into openwindows)...
> The screen sits there for about 20 seconds, clears, then prints something
> at the bottom to 1/2 second, clears again, then puts the login prompt
> at the top of the screen.
> If I try to log in again, everything works and acts fine.
> After every reboot, I notice the above occurence.
> Any ideas?

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