Summary: How to setup multi bsd-print server on solaris 2.4?

From: Bambang Sugiantoro (
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 02:33:46 CST


Don't use admintool-printer to setup multi bsd-printer server so that the
local_printer_name different from remote printer name, but use command line
First setup/register the remote system printer,

  lpsystem -t bsd remote_host

then setup the printer

  lpadmin -p local_printer_name -s remote_host!remote_printer

then enable the printer queue

  enable local_printer_name

Thanks' to:
Don Williams,
Niall O Broin,

>I had SS2 with SUNOS 4.1.3 that connect to 4 bsd-prinserver box that has 2
queue, pr1 & pr2.
> --------------------------------------------------
> | | | | | |
> SS2 nps1 nps2 nps3 nps4 SS20
> | | | | | | | |
> pr1 pr2 pr1 pr2 pr1 pr2 pr1 pr2
>I name the printer in the printcap entry like this:
> nps1-pr1
> nps1-pr2
> nps2-pr1
> nps2-pr2
> nps4-pr1
> nps4-pr2
>Here I work with same queue name but different server name.
>Then I add new SS20 with Solaris 2.4 and I use BSD compatibility for printer.
>But when I configure from admintool-printer and use BSD option, I cannot
define the printer name, the printer name is set same with the printer queue
form the nps server ie pr1 or pr2. So if I create a new bsd printer with
server nps1 and printer pr1 it become pr1 and I cannot define for the next
nps2,pr1 becaut it become pr1.
>How to setup the printer so I can use all of the nps printer server.?
>Please advise.

best regards,

Bambang Sugiantoro

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