SUMMARY: passwd[5800]: invalid name field: "

From: Chin Fang (
Date: Mon Jan 29 1996 - 21:30:00 CST

I got so many helpful hints and pointers in less than a day! I better
summarize everything soon.

The cause, as pointed by many kind fellow Sun Managers, is probably due
to the following two
(1) the last line is a blank line
(2) the last line lacks a new line character.

I checked the Sun SS2's /etc/passwd, it didn't have a blank line as the
last line. It's difficult to tell whether the last line had a new line
or or. Anyways, loaded it into emacs (yeah, yeah, I know, I should be
using vipw), two keystrokes later, tried passwd again. No complains this
time. So most likely the cause was (2).

Before I started getting responses, I compiled npasswd really quick and
used it to add new passwords. It didn't give me any warnings so I took
the password file as in good shape.

Furthermore, many kind Sun Managers pointed out the utility that I forgot
comes with System V installation option and is called /usr/etc/pwck. Oddly,
man -k didn't find it. Guess I have to redo the man page index.

There are too many Sun Managers mailing me hints/pointers. The list is
too long so I will leave it out this time. My sincere thanks to all of


Chin Fang

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