SUMMERY: Hardware faliure

From: Yaron Hemi, Trendline LTD. (
Date: Mon Jan 22 1996 - 05:32:43 CST

  Hello sun-managers,

My original message:

> I've got this SPARCserver 20 here for about 6 months. During this time,
> we had to replace 3 HDDs totalling about 10 gigs, internal and external,
> memory modules and now the CPU. We're keeping the server in a room with a
> constant temperature of about 20C (which according to specs and the
> people who come to replace the equip is good).
> Now, while no serious damage has occured (yet), this is extremly
> worrying. Is this just happening to me, or are Suns/SPARCserver 20's
> known to be problematic?

So many people answered me, it's amazing. I'm still getting answers about
this. I think all of you sent me a reply... I've got over 60 names so
far, which is way too many to list, but thanks to all who answered.

Very, very few (something like 3) of the people who answered said they
had similar problems. Of the rest, most of you asked if I know whether or
not my power-supply is stable, or if I'm keeping the server in a suitable
location. Well, we've got some big UPSs and powerlevel thinggies in the
computer rooms, and the server's is in a suitable location.

In other words, it's very rare to have SS's with problems at all, and
having them as frequently as I do is even rarer.

                                        Yaron Hemi,
                                        Unix System administrator
                                        Trendline LTD.

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