From: Tom Trainor (
Date: Fri Jan 26 1996 - 11:33:06 CST


>From the dozen or so replies I rec'd, the concensus was that there was no
software way to determine the cpuid serial# stamped (stickered) on the back of
the outside of the SunSparc pizza boxes. One guy suugested sysinfo so I pulled
down the sysinfo and it returned a number DIFFERENT from that phsically
on the outside of my machine.

Since Sun tracks your cpus by that outside number, I wanted an easy way to find
it. I specifically wanted it to reconcile our Sun hardware maintenance
contract against what we actually had (or needed to have) maintenance on. For
example, some former servers which were now performing other (desktop, spare)
functions STILL had the more expensive 7x24 coverage. So I just completed a
long and tedious inventory to straighten this stuff out. I want to not have to
do this in the future, but use an rsh or cronjob to report who was where to me.

MAYBE there is a correlation bewteen the "sysinfo" "Serial Number" and that on
the exterior of the pizza box. I think I'll give Sun a try or maybe someone
out there has another idea-I'm fresh out.


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