SUMMARY - Second Ethernet Card

From: Glenn W Cantello (
Date: Thu Jan 25 1996 - 12:10:30 CST

My thanks to: (Jeff Wasilko)
Philip Kao <>
Anderson McCammont <>
Carlo Tosti <>

> In 1991 we purchased several ethernet S-bus cards from Sun and plugged them
> into a SS1 and an IPC. The model number is X450H. We would like to replace
> our IPC with a SPARCstation 4 recently purchased.
> Any idea if the ethernet card will still function in the new box or is it
> too old?

The replies I got were mixed.

"Sun4m machines require buffered ethernet cards."
"sbus cards are architecutre specific and can't be swapped between
 different models/levels"
"should be fine"
"IMHO they will."

The prospects did not look good but it did not seem to be certain so I tried
it. I managed to get the older card seated okay and it was recognized by the
4.1.4 OS . I could ping the card itself but no more than that. Very strange
behaviour I think. I have decided that it does not work.

Thanks for your help.

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