SUMMARY: System crashes exiting/starting X

From: Michele Case (
Date: Thu Jan 25 1996 - 12:00:32 CST

This apparently hasn't been a big problem for others out there because I
only received two responses. Good thing, too, since it's such an
ugly problem.

My original question was:


This one is really a puzzle, and we haven't been able to track it down.
I'm hoping someone out there has seen this behavior and can offer some
advice. I poked around on SunSolve and couldn't find anything similar.

The problem we're having is that our Solaris server completely stops
occasionally when someone starts or exits an X session. The lock up is
so complete that even an L1-A doesn't work. It's not just a console
lockup either -- the machine is no longer visible on the net and remote
logins or pings do not work. The only solution is to cycle the power on
the system, which is real ugly since this machine is one of our main
file servers. No error messages pop up in the logs when it happens either
which makes tracking this down even more difficult.

The machine is a SPARCserver 670MP with four Ross,RT625 cpus and 132MB
running Solaris 2.4, Generic_101945-32. We use MIT X11R6 for our X
sessions with the vtwm window manager. We have never seen this problem with
any of our other Suns.

I realize these are sketchy details, and I can provide more if needed.
I'd appreciate any help that anyone can provide and will, of course,
summarize any replies.


Summary of replies:

One of the replies I received was from Anthony Clarke who suggested I
install patch 102494-01 which replaces the /kernel/drv/iwscn file.
Apparently he was having a similar problem, and this patch fixed it
for him.

The other reply was from someone who hadn't had the problem but who was
willing to offer some suggestions if I sent him further information
(Thanks, John Cheshire).

We're going to try the patch and see if it solves our problem. If it
doesn't, I'll probably be posting again.



Michele Case
(303) 497-8756

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