SUMMARY: Using special keys with Xoftware

From: Steve Poulsen (
Date: Thu Jan 25 1996 - 01:35:00 CST

I don't have the original post but here was the question:

I would like to use some function keys on the PC running Xoftware to perform
the front and open (or other function keys) on a Sun running Openwindows.

I failed to mention the version of Xoftware was 3.1 because version 4.0 of
Xoftware allows you to do this. Therefore, I could not use this solution.

THANKS: Greg Harrison, Grant W. Quinlan, Jack Reiner, Tony Lorimer, Jeremy Hunt

RESULTS(3): Use xmodmap, Hack Xoftware keymap files, Use Xoftware 4.0

The preferred method would be to let the software that needs redefinition of
keys (Xoftware) to do it itself. The only method that works with ease,
however, is using the Sun to remap the keys. This is detailed below.

SOLUTION: The solution I used involved the xmodmap function. I created a
file that had the mappings and then executed xmodmap using this file. The file
with the mappings is shown below (remote_keybindings). The xmodmap call I used
is also shown below. The files are compliments of Greg Harrison.


xmodmap -display `echo $DISPLAY` remote_keybindings

FILE: remote_keybindings
---------cut here --------------------------
! used by xmodmap to remap the f1-f5 pc function keys to
! the L function keys of the sun
! F1 on pc keyboard acts like "front" key on sun keyboard
! F2 " " "copy"
! F3 " " "open"
! F4 " " "paste"
! F5 " " "cut"
keycode 120 = F15
keycode 121 = F16
keycode 122 = F17
keycode 123 = F18
keycode 124 = F20
keycode 125 = F19
---------end file --------------------------

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