SUMMARY: OSF - VDUMP data to Solaris 2.x

From: Martin Hofbauer Bacher Systems EDV (
Date: Thu Jan 25 1996 - 05:44:12 CST

Orginal Message:

We expect to get a DLT Tape, which we have to read on a Solaris 2.x System,
which was orginally written on an OSF V2.1 Operating System with VDUMP (?) .

Does anybody know how to do this ?. Is there a utility available
which can reads vdump format from OSF 2.1 DLT Tapes to solaris 2.x?
Commercial products are also welcome ?


I found following solution:

vdump is a BSD 4.3, 4.4 shell script ( I think csh), which collects data
from the filesystem at the inode level and write its to a tape.
Its also available on OSF.

Due to the fact, that this format is not very portable to other systems, it
was easy to convince our SW vendor to use "tar".


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