SUMMARY Boot into single user hangs (2)

From: Anja Mitchell (
Date: Thu Jan 25 1996 - 04:28:42 CST

Hi all,

My original message:
we have a Sun Sparc10 with Solaris 2.4 and DiskSuite 4.0.

When I try to boot into single user mode it comes to the point where I can
enter the root password but after this is hangs.

The /etc/rcS.d directory looks okay to me.

I received one reply which suggested to do a power-cycle (which I had
already done) and to run diagnostics. I did this but nothing came out of it,
so my problem is not solved.

The responses after my last summary were absolutely overwhelming - thanks to
all of you who replied! Just to mention a few:

This list is not complete!

Anyway, some suggestions:
1. Put the -x option in the /sbin/rcS script at the /sbin/sh command
2. Just wait
3. Boot off CD into single user and do checksumming on /bin/sh, remove any
dotfiles out of /
4. Boot under kadb
5. Boot -r
6. It appears that once in a while something gets clobbered on disk and it
acts this way, the only way to fix it is reinstall Solaris software.

After I tried a few of the above things I came to the conclusion, that it is
a software problem and a reinstallation is needed, we are going to upgrade
to Solaris 2.5
anyway ...

Thanks again,
Anja Mitchell
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