SUMMARY: corrupted /usr/bin/chmod

From: Araya Pamonprawat - PHST (
Date: Sat Jan 20 1996 - 13:21:31 CST

Original Problem: Accidental removal of execute permission from most
files in /usr/bin including chmod, and corruption of chmod file.

I found another Solaris host in my own building (different department and
Internet domain though) that I hadn't previously known existed. They
emailed a uuencoded copy of their chmod to me and it worked fine.

Many thanks to Andy Wagliardo <> (?!) who
offered to send me a copy of his chmod file, to Peter Allan
<> whose uuencode chmod arrived as I was writing
this summary, and to others of you whose offers and binaries are on the way
but haven't arrived yet.

During the few hours that I was without a chmod, I found a way to change
the file permissions and get commands working again using cp, chown, and mv:
        Find an existing file anywhere on your machines that has the
        permissions you want, make a copy of it to a temporary file,
        copy the unexecutable command onto the temporary file, and then
        move the temporary file back on top of the original command file.
        Chown the command to bin if it won't work with owner root.

I did this with ksh and pine and pico so that my users were able to login
and do email again.

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