SUMMARY: NFS Version 3

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Date: Fri Jan 19 1996 - 04:48:28 CST


My original query:

>I want know about NFS Version 3. Where can i get the information and the
>documents about it ?


>From Ashley Gilbert <> :

Try .They have lots of white paper on NFS V3.

Texas Instruments,India

>From Irana Whitaker-Patel <> :

If you have access to SunSolve locally or over the internet there are several
stb documents and white papers. I have enclosed the first on the list.
Please note it is a postscript document and it has been compressed.

The full NFS V3 Protocol Specification document can be acquired via anonymous
ftp from any of the following locations: /nfs/ /networking/ip/nfs/ /pub/standards/nfs/
Thanks very much to

Ashley Gilbert <>
Irana Whitaker-Patel <>

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