[SUMMARY] WABI-Question (Printer, Solaris2.4x86 and Wabi 2.0)

From: frehe (Frehe@aec.aeg.kn.daimlerbenz.com)
Date: Thu Jan 18 1996 - 05:49:47 CST

I have no answers to my WABI questions, but I got two hints
on how to use GhostScript as a filter for my HP-deskjet.
So I will try to set up this; it'll take me a while to
find out.
If anybody knows about a WABI list, I would like to subscribe

Thanks to
 Wolfgang Leideck <leideck@pi3.informatik.uni-mannheim.de>
 George Cameron <george@biomed.abdn.ac.uk>

My original question was:
>I have a problem with my PC's running Solaris x86 and the attached
>printer using WABI 2.0.
>I'm in an german environment, so I care for the german characters
>,,, .
>I can type them in using for instance Microsoft Word; when I try
>to print them on the postscript- printer in the main office it'll
>However, I have local printers attached. They are HPOfficeJet's,
>but they understand HPDeskJet printer drivers. I thought, printer
>drivers for this kind of printer are available within Windows 3.1
>and so they are present as well in Wabi. Obviously they aren't.
>Do you know how to make use of a normal windows printer driver?
>Or do you know a printer driver that matches my printer and can
>be installed using Wabi?
>Or can you tell me how to make use of ghostscript to convert a
>postscript output from wabi into format suitable for HPDeskjet?

Henning Frehe

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