SUMMARY: X-terms that use Sun Monitors

From: Anderson McCammont (
Date: Wed Jan 17 1996 - 22:25:36 CST

Apart from the suggestion to use SUN3's as Xterm's using Xkernel, I also got
info about Tektronix series 350 XTerms that support over 30 different
resolution/frequency combinations, and should work just fine. has spec sheets, etc.

Thanks to: (Martin Achilli) (Perry Hutchison) (Stephen Harris)
John Cheshire <>
Parks Fields <>

>>>Anderson McCammont said:
> We have a surplus of Sun colour monitors. We use X-Terms over ISDN for home
> use. I'd like to be able to reduce the cost of buying X-Terms by utilising
> the surplus Sun monitors.
> Does anyone know of :
> 1. an XTerm that's available without a monitor that either has a Sun monitor
> connector on the back, or
> 2. Xterms available without monitors that could take a Sun monitor via a
> suitable cable.
> tried the X-faq for this info - no luck. We'd also like to use these monito
> for PC's via suitable cables. From the archives I got a summary of suitable
> cable providers - thanks. Anyone know of any cable vendors in the UK?
> TIA - will summarise.
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