SUMMARY: Removing old user IDs from quotas.

From: Steve Poulsen (
Date: Wed Jan 17 1996 - 18:54:46 CST

On 16 Jan 96, Steve Poulsen <> wrote:

> I perform a repquota -v -a and the users who are no longer on the system show
> up. They show 0 space taken but they accumulate. How can I remove them from
> the quota list permanently. I am running SunOS 4.1.3.
> I will summarize.

Thanks to Heggli Beat and Matus Uhlar for the responses.

The answer to that is fairly simple. If you do an edquota on the old user and
set everything to zeroes, the user is removed. I tried this and it works. One
answer I received was a short script to remove all (in case you have many).
Here's the script:

#! /bin/csh
foreach i ( `repquota -v -a | nawk ' $1 ~ /^#/ { print $1 }' - | cut -c2-10` )
   echo $i
   edquota $i > /dev/null << EOF
 :1,\$s/ [1-9][0-9]*/ 0/g

It looks for entries starting with a "#", which are id's without a username.
Then it sets all the quotas to zero.

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