SUMMARY &MORE HELP NEEDED re:HP1200C/PS printer help!

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Thanks for the prompt responses. I got the info that I asked for but it
still does not work!

My delima:

I have an HP1200C/PS that someone here had to have. It only has a
centronics parallel port and an Appletalk port. I am trying to connect
it to a Sun SPARC5 running SunOS 4.1.3.

I tried connecting it to /dev/ttya using a serial to parallel converter
and that did not work. On the advise of nearly everyone who responded
to the requet I made back then, I bought the parallel cable for the
SPARC5 to connect /dev/bpp0 to the centronics port of the printer.

I changed my printcap entry to:


(yes I have the other needed entries such as sd:...)

I rebooted the machine with the printer attached then did

cat .login | lpr -Plphp

Nothing happened! After a minute lpq responded with the error message
saying that the printer has not responded in over a minute.

I then tried

cat .login;echo '\004' > /dev/bpp0

I received a device busy message!

/dev/bpp0 DOES exist as follows:

crw-rw-rw- 1 root 107, 0 Jan 16 09:46 /dev/bpp0

The following is the /sys/sun4m/conf/GENERIC:

device-driver bpp # bpp support


Is there a file like /etc/ttytab that I need to tell about the bpp?
Are there specific switch settings on the printer that I should be
looking at?

>From what I received in response to my original message it seem possible
to use this printer!

PLEASE HELP! My hair it thinning!

Thanks again in advance and I will summarize...

As for summarize:

Thanks to the following:

From:tim@Access.COM (Tim Wort)

The SPARC 5 (from Sun) has a builtin parallel port at bpp0, so if you
added a sbus card with a parallel port it is at some other address and
probably has a different device name. Try to connect to the native
parallel port using the Sun cable with the special high density
and it will work fine on bpp0 or... figure out what the device name is
the sbus card port that you added (make sure you did a reconfigure boot
after adding the card.)

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Opps... in my original reply I mentioned a reconfigure boot, that
doesn't apply
to 4.1.x. But the rest of it does, right device etc.

[BTW--I did not add an sbus card. I am using the original parallel

Vic - here is the printcap entry we use....

hpc|coloura4|HP Deskjet 1200C:\

Hope it helps...

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Try sending the printer a ctrl-D after the file - i.e. use something

  (cat FILE;/usr/5bin/echo '\004') > /dev/bpp0

Michael Gordon

Thanks again!


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