SUMMARY x86 Dos partition not ready under dos

From: Richard Skelton (
Date: Mon Jan 15 1996 - 12:52:01 CST

Hi managers,

Thanks to all who responded.
The problem is that the Solaris fdisk creates a partition which dos =
understand.(Well done Martin Huber)
I fixed the problem by using the Solaris fdisk program to delete the dos =
partition. I was then able to use the dos install program.
I will report this as a bug to SUN.
Thanks to:- (Martin Huber)
"Steve Poulsen" <>
Pat Gibbons <>
Jeff Greer 18-E-2-a 1-9821 <>
Michael Wright ED23 <> (Maurice Campofranco) (greg harrison)

Original question:-
> I had a x86 system with a DOS-BIG partition of 100MB and SOLARIS 400MB
> and everything was fine.
> I then reduced the size of the SOLARIS partition to 300MB and =
> the DOS-BIG partition to 200MB with fdisk in solaris install program.
> Solaris still boots but I can't install dos on the larger DOS-BIG
> partition.
> If I boot from the dos 6.22 install disk and try to change dir to c: I
> get:-
> Not ready reading drive C
> Abort,Retry,Fail

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