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Date: Tue Jan 16 1996 - 09:54:20 CST

Sorry for the late summary.

Thanks to those who reply my mail and help to solve my problem.

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My original mail written that ...

Sun manager:
Currently I faced a problem that related to the cron job. I wish to
generate a daily report at a particular time. If I generate the report by
command line entry. I will get some message display on the screen telling
me that the system is sorting the record and etc, after that the report
will be generated.

The problem occurred when I put it into the cron table. Everytime the
system will only generate the report header but have no record entry in
the report. I try to capture any error occurred but it seems no error
reported. I wonder what was wrong and where I went wrong and I wish to get
some hints or helpful information from all of you.

Thanks in advance.

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The problem occurred was due to the environment setting. After I include
the relavent environment variables in the beginning of the script file,the
problem solved. Thank you for those who response to me.

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